heart beat


The Power of the Word

Because the voice of thunder brings Light and that light breaks ALL darkness, reveals THE unknowns and makes your heart throb again.

It was the WORD that created the world! IT WAS SAID ``Be made and IT WAS SO``

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It's time for your dream to come true! Let me share with you my experience and my success in your endeavor and avoid wasting time and money.

Our method allows you to evaluate all the variables before making a serious investment.

We guide you in the right direction so that you are successful from the start.

About me


A coach is a TRANSFORMATIONAL teacher

I have accompanied more than 150 clients towards positive changes in their lives.
Companies like Pricesmart, Harris Moran Klaus, Tigo, Multiproyectos, Sabor Latino, among others, have allowed me to influence their executive lines.


About me

There’s a message I want to share.  A message of Transformation and Empowerment. I believe every individual is relevant and must live an outstanding life. I started my career in the Business consulting firm under the guidance of renowned mentors, but it was a phrase my father shared that triggered my passion and my destiny: The bird sings although the branch crunches, as it knows what its wings are! I focus on discovering every  individual’s opportunity to thrive and its application to the four fundamental areas of being: Mind, Spirit, Heart and the Body to be captivating.

18Years of experience
200Dictated Conferences
150Individual Coaching Programs

Why is coaching important?


Understand the power we have as individuals by discovering our talents and abilities and knowing how to exploit them in our personal and professional lives.

Individual Growth

Once we learn to know ourselves better, personal growth is magnified and professional development is reflected as a result of our confidence in ourselves.


Understand the power of the uniqueness of the human being and take advantage of it to become influential beings.

Social interaction

Compare positive personal perception with the perception that others have of us and facilitate our interaction with society.

How can I help you?

We may not know each other yet but I can help you reach your fullest potential.