I’m in love with life and a big fan of any challenge! The best working field is the mind and my job is to make it a fertile ground so that success can germinate.

Metamorphosis is my life motto. Your evolution is my success. Together we will strengthen your wings so that you will fly high and fulfill the purpose for which you were created.


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My Experience

I was trained to raise the execution bar both at work and as an individual.

Became an athlete of life, I challenged my skills and learned from my weaknesses.  There are four critical areas to achieve balance: The heart for emotional intelligence, the mind for intellectual sharpness, the spirit for inner peace and the body for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s about forging emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical musculature to achieve balance.

I believe that success starts on a personal level. My family is my primary team and I have three successful children. My daughter Paulina is a doctor, Paul has a Master in Agribusiness and is an entrepreneur, and Steve is an Engineer in Renewable Energy.

My experience as a Speaker initiated when I was given the opportunity to lead different women’s groups for more than 10 years and when I got hired by a prominent speaker as his assistant.

My coaching program is based on a scientific system based on Neuroscience. I thank more than 200 people who have allowed me to lead them to positive changes in their lives and to companies that have given me an opportunity to influence their executive lines: Telemundo, Braman Motorcars, Harris Moran Klaus, Avon, Mary Kay, El Sol Jupiter Neighborhood Resource Center, Tigo, Sabor Latino, Celebrad Events, Multiproyectos, Government of Guatemala, among others.

I have participated in  programs for Montesori educational centers and different universities.

As a businesswoman,  I have clients such as the City of West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Parkland, Boynton Beach, Boynton, Deerfield Beach, among others.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in West Palm Beach has given me the privilege of being Chair of the Ambassadors in 2019.



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KarenLau.Com carries a message of transformation and renewal. The transformed individual is synonymous with power in the midst of society and organization.

We have become allies of science to empower towards change by understanding how our structure of thought operates, how a behavior is generated and how the path to success is managed.

When the soul is full it overflows and mine is overflowing. Now it’s time to raise your voice and share with you what has changed my life.